Loneliness is a dance video flip book, created from series of photos taken by Lily Baldwin, of Faye dancing in her bedroom. Choreographed in iMovie, the dance did not pre-exist. Working digitally liberated her from the time/space constrictions of a typical dance rehearsal. Faye was able to work on Loneliness any time of day in her apartment. She certainly didn’t have to be warmed up physically or socially articulate to do it. It enabled her to be private in her process while simultaneously gaining objectivity usually impossible when performing one’s own work.

Performed by: Faye Driscoll
Photography: Lily Baldwin
Music: Dynasty Handbag

Filmed at BAX/Brooklyn Art Exchange

April 2015: New Works: CINE-ROMAN, Bowerbird, Philadelphia
April – July, 2009: The Generational: Younger than Jesus, the New Museum
November, 2008: Digital Artifacts Screening, Artists’ Television Access, San Francisco
May, 2007: Movement Research Festival , Reverence (Irreverence) Curated by Jillian Pena
2006: BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange