Wow Mom, Wow

In Faye Driscoll’s first evening length work Wow Mom, Wow dance meets pop musical meets death metal fantasy. Through an evening of heartbreak, belly laughs and butt talk an absurdly logical alternate dimension is illuminated.

Wow Mom, Wow premiered in April 2007 at Dance New Amsterdam.

Performed by: Lily Baldwin, Toni Melaas, Katy Pyle, Marya Wethers and Noopur Singha
With: Lea Fulton, Katie McGreevy, Carly Pansulla, Celia Rowlson-Hall and Nikki Zialcita
Music: Dynasty Handbag, Rod Stewart, Faye Driscoll, Fourtet and Romy Hoffman
Lighting Design: Amanda K. Ringger
Costume Design: Katy Pyle

“No to prettiness, no to glamour, no to glistening muscular limbs. Yes to intensity, yes to body heat, yes to wildness, freedom and in your face defiance.”
Dance Magazine

August 10, 2008: Michigan Womyn’s Festival (The Land, MI)
April 26-29, 2007: Dance New Amsterdam (New York, NY) – premiere
January 12-13, 2007: BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange (Brooklyn, NY) – Work-in-progress version

Wow Mom, Wow was commissioned by BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange and Dance New Amsterdam